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COME-X is the only remote control vibrator with 3 powerful vibration zones for G-spot, clitoris and overall stimulation. It comes with 3 super motors, a processor with advanced abilities and super durable battery.

Thanks to its extra durable battery, COME-X allows for more than 4 hours of pleasure and it recharges quickly with the accompanying Qi wireless charger. It's completely sealed and dishwasher safe for better cleaning. Usage of water based lubricants is recommended. 




Download the COME TOGETHER app and let the game begin

After downloading the free App and pairing it with COME-X via Bluetooth, women can embark on a path of self-discovery or increase the intimacy with their partners. Anyone can download the Come together app and wirelessly control one’s COME-X vibrator from anywhere in the world.

Our application comes with unique and innovative vibration profiles, that can simulate thrusting, or even follow the action in porn movies.




COME-X can be controlled via iOS and Android phones or over any modern browser. Keep in mind, you can also use COME-X completely offine with few preset profiles that come with the device.




Step up your game with the first really smart sex toy.