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Can Perfect Evening be played with more then 2 people ?

Instructions cover only the methods of playing the game in couples, but there is enough cards so you may divide them amongst up to 4 people instead.

Will there be future updates of the tasks?

Yes we intent to upgrade the cards with super fun tasks in 2017. Sign up to newsletter and we will keep you posted.

Can this game be played by lesbian or gay couples?

Currently the game is oriented towards heterosexual couples but we plan on releasing versions that cover other orientations aswell.

What does the Perfect Evening package include ?

Package includes 100 cards. 20 cards for each level (Level1, Level 2, Level 3), 20 Gamechanger cards and ultimate 20 Kamasutra cards. Everything is neatly packed into premium tin box for safe storage - we even left some space for condoms.

In what language are cards available?

Currently cards are available in English. Soon the Italian version is coming out.

How long does one round take ?

It all depends on you and your partner. We created the game that you can customize to your needs. Some evenings you can take time and choose several tasks, on some evenings maybe you can pull only few cards. Estimated time for basic setup is 30 min before reaching Kamasutra.

Is this game only about sex ? Will my girlfriend like it?

We were thinking about everything when creating this game thats why there cards for romance, foreplay and ofcourse spicy cards aswell.