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The set includes:

  • 20 Level one cards (get started)
  • 20 Level two cards (heat things up)
  • 20 Level three cards (let’s get dirty)
  • 20 Game Changer cards (turn your luck around)
  • 20 Kamasutra cards (winner’s scenario)

Initial setup:

At first the players shuffle each deck of cards separately. After that each player chooses random cards from the following piles:

3× cards from the Level one deck

3× cards from the Level two deck

3× cards from the Level three deck


*Keep in mind that you may agree and change the number of cards in any desired pile according to your needs and wishes, i.e. you may increase the number in any given pile to up to 5 cards. Regardless of the number of cards, both players always have to start with the same number of cards. 

After choosing the cards, players should set them up in the following order:

Kamasutra cards are placed on top of the card structure because they represent the ultimate reward for whoever gets there first (the winner).

Before starting the game each player draws 3 cards from the gamechanger deck and holds them throughout the game, hiding them from the opponent.

At this point both players write additional tasks on a piece of paper. They will be used as supplementary tasks if one of the players refuses to carry out any of the given tasks. See chapter 5 for additional explanations.

Start of the game

Once the cards are correctly set up, the female player should start first (because ladies come first).

The game is played in alternating turns between players, where each player starts his/her move by turning the card from the pile that is closest to him. For example, a player has to carry out all the tasks from the Level one pile before he/she may proceed to Level two tasks. After a player successfully turns the card, he/she has to read the task that is written for his/her gender. The player then carries out that task, unless he/she uses the gamechanger card.

Gamechanger cards

At the beginning of each game each player has to draw 3 random gamechanger cards. Gamechanger cards are there to change the game flow and bring tons of fun and laughter into the game.

Gamechanger cards can be played only after the player turned up the card with a task and before the task is carried out. In each turn a player may play only 1 gamechanger card. If both players play their gamechanger cards in the same turn, the winner is the one who placed the gamechanger card last. You get only 3 gamechangers for the whole game so use them wisely.

The Joker symbol

20 % of the task cards in the game are equipped with a Joker sign in the bottom right corner. When a Joker card is turned up, the player who turned it up may choose 1 random card from any pile of cards and place it in the matching opponent's pile (however, this is not obligatory). This ensures your opponent has to carry out more tasks you will enjoy and increases your chance to get to the end sooner and win the game. A proper gentleman may choose to place a card in his pile instead.

Winner of the game / Kamasutra

The winner is whoever gets to the Kamasutra cards first – i.e. whoever carries out all the tasks from all the levels first. The winner’s reward is the chance to build a scenario with Kamasutra cards for the rest of the evening. The winner may then choose any desired number of cards from the Kamasutra pile and place them facing up in any desired order. Partners then follow the order of those cards and act out the positions depicted on them. The winner may also decide to keep the card order random, facing down, for particularly exciting moments.

The player doesn’t want to carry out a specific task, what to do?

If a player absolutely refuses to carry out a specific task, he/she may choose to carry out a task that was written beforehand on a piece of paper. Each opponent prepares at least 3 tasks that their opponent needs to carry out instead of the task assigned by the game/card.

Be creative and practical when writing those tasks. Write down the tasks that may come in handy in the days to follow – you know best what you enjoy the most.


  • She may write down that her partner should wash the dishes for the whole week.
  • He may write down that she will serve food and beer to him and his friends during the next football match.

What about all those empty cards?

We know all couples don’t play the same way, that is why we added additional empty cards that allow you to tailor the game to your specific desires. You may write a kinky task on a piece of paper and duct tape it to the empty card, after that mix the new card with the rest of the cards in the same level and let the games begin.

Rule bending

  • Each game may start with more or less cards in any specific pile, i.e. 6 cards in the Level one pile and 7 cards in the Level two pile.
  • Use the empty cards to create your own tasks or your own Gamechangers and place them in the desired piles.


You may purchase additional cards for Level One, Level Two, Level three, Gamechangers or even Kamasutra piles in a single deck upgrade on our website.

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